Jen and I have a thing we do when we're filing submissions. If a cake doesn't make immediate sense, I'll make the file name "supposed to be..." so Jen knows the context. It's my favorite kind of submission. So here are some "supposed to be..." cakes, let's see if you can figure them out:

Pretty confusing, right?

Because it was supposed to say "Happy 60th, Carolyn!"


The title of this next email was "WHO IS SID?!?!"

So, you know, there's your hint:

Yup. It was supposed to say "Happy 3rd Birthday, Ariella"

(We still don't know who Sid is.)


How 'bout this one?

The writing's fine, but those are supposed to be cow spots.

(In the baker's defense, they do look like something that comes out of cows, so I guess that's close.)


And finally:


Deb's husband was turning 66. This was supposed to say "66 Today!"



Thanks to Leonie M., Thaeton, Nicole M., & Deb M. for reminding us our days are numbered.


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