Eleven Sweets For Stranger Things!

I am nothing if not hip to the latest trends and groundswells of pop culture, y'all. So hey...


Eh? Eh??

No, I didn't just find the show; I've been a huge fan since season one. What I *did* just discover, however, are the scads and scads of Stranger Things cakes out there. Whaaaaat.

You guys, I had no idea. So come with me on this curiosity voyage, and let these amazing cakes... be your paddles.

[By Cake Central user SparkleKat]

Kicking it off with a classic Eleven topper, the cutest little Eggo waffles, and I spy Dart down on the bottom reppin' for Season 2.


I love the artsy style of this next one, and the bark texture on the bottom makes it look like the Demagorgan is climbing out of a tree trunk. NOICE.

[By Dough Re Mi Designs in Texas]

Oh yeah, and giant Eggo cake board!


This one made my jaw drop:

[By Dianna Letteiri-Welman, no website listed]

How cool is this?! It's the "Upside Down," complete with roots and a row of edible stones in the middle! This is cakey engineering at its finest, and I *think* Dianna is even a hobby baker. WOW.


A tip of Dustin's hat to the 11-year-old who asked for this birthday cake:

[By Confection Perfection in Georgia]


I like how this baker narrowed in on the most iconic items from season 1: lights, Eggos, MONSTER:

[By Redditor FreshButNotEasy]

I'm also enjoying how much the Demagorgan looks like a big toothy flower.


Eleven is fantastic and all, but let's not forget the true hero of Season 2:

[By Le Torte di Giada in Italy]



More fantastic art; this could be a painting!

[By Simona's Cakes in Edinburgh, Scotland]

Look closely; the lights on the cake are the only spots of color. Love it.


Er, but I wouldn't look too closely at this next one if the Demagorgan freaks you out:

[By Redditor BMjonesin]

Still, this is INCREDIBLE - that's all handpiped icing!


I love the trees and sculpted Byer's couch on this one:

[By Good Gosh Ganache in Texas]

There's even Joyce's lamp and telephone!


This one is pretty inside AND out:

[By Sprinkle Bakes, online only]

She made a swirly black-and-red batter for inside, then handpainted all the bits on the exterior!


And finally, one more big collection of amazing things:

[By Serious Cupcakes in Arkansas]

Look at the painted roots of the Upside Down on the cake board! And the cassette tape for the Clash! Plus lots more great finds on the cupcakes. I love fan made stuff like this; it's like a Where's Waldo of Easter Eggs for all the things you love.


Hope you guys enjoyed! Happy Sunday, everyone!


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