When In Doubt, Blame Deadpool

Cassidy ordered this unicorn sheet cake:

Which looks simple enough - and mostly plastic - so how do you screw that up?

Oh, it's easy! Here, I'll walk you through it:

1) Throw the order photo away. Who needs guidelines when you've got raw artistic talent?

2) The next day, vaguely remember you're supposed to make a unicorn cake.

3) Desperately search the bakery for anything with a unicorn on it, throw it in the photocopier with a bunch of curling ribbon on top, and slap that on a sheet cake.

4) Realize your photocopied unicorn has a person riding it, so cover that up with icing "hair" that floats a full three inches about the unicorn's head.

5) Add some vaguely passive-aggressive punctuation for flair.




(Actually I have no idea what the hair is covering up; I just know it's covering SOMETHING. Personally I'm hoping it's Deadpool wielding a couple of battle axes, because that would be a hilarious. It's like the scratch-off card of cakes! SURPRISE!)

Thanks to Cassidy N. for the magic.


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