Literally Just That

Jill ordered a birthday cake for her daughter Hope, then told the bakery she'd be in around 1pm to pick it up.

Now, I've seen it all, minions, but even I was not prepared for these icing choices:

Why. WHY.


Ryan L. writes, "A theatrical show I had been on tour with was celebrating its millionth audience member. The company manager gave specific instructions on what the baker should write."

Huh. I tried to understand why the baker wrote "musical symbols" while also drawing musical symbols but then my brain started to hurt and I had to stop.


And finally, Kyle B. wanted "Happy Birthday" on a rainbow cake.

Just that.

He watched the baker carefully write it all down on the order sheet, then later.... he got this:

Now, if you're curious what, exactly, the baker wrote on Kyle's order sheet, then GUESS WHAT.

I have that, too.


::head tilt::

Yup, that definitely clears things up.


Thanks to Jill B., Ryan L., & Kyle B. for today's serving of Just iced.

(Ok, that pun didn't really work, but I tried, dangit. I TRIED.)


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