Sunday Sweets Is All Smiles

Last week started off pretty rough for me, minions, so when the time came to pick Sweets I went looking for the happiest, silliest cakes I could find. I figured if I needed a smile, maybe you did, too.

I found cakes that made me laugh, like this:

(By Tomima)



And cakes that made me go "d'awww", like this:

(Cindy's Little Cakery, California)



Sometimes a flowery hedgehog and her three mini-mes are all you need to remember there are sweeter days ahead:

(Little Peach Cakery, Wiltshire)


Pooh Bear hugs and Piglet poses help, too:

(Torty by Tana, Slovakia)


Not to mention a little horsing around:

(Cake Ali, England)

Bahaha! How much do you want to boop that nose?


This hand painted bunny would like to remind you it's finally Spring:

(I can't find the baker! Anyone know?)

So weather (pun intended) you're already sweating in the 90 degree heat, or still freezing in the snow, just remember: chocolate Easter bunnies are coming soon. Mmm.


We don't get much of a Spring here in Florida, but I'm all in for pretty pink flamingos:

(Yasya Tort, Russia)

Granted, most of the ones I see are plastic...

(If only that were true for the alligators. o.0)


I still love steampunk, and I'll always love cute robots:

(Gabi's Tortenseite, Switzerland)



Here come my favorite colors on a prickly puffer fish:

(Paul Bradford for CakeFlix, online paid tutorial)

You can tell she's having a ball.


And finally, the best doggone Rococo cake you ever will see:

(Galina Maslikhina, Russia)

::wolf whistle::


Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope these gave you a smile.


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