Name It & Maim It

It's Celebrate Your Name Week, minions, and while every name is beautiful, some are more... shall we say... entertaining than others.

Isn't that right, Grandma?


That Christy, always acting so holier-than-thou:

Though I'm jealous she got Slimer to make her a cake. Venkman, quick! Get a sample! (Maybe two samples for me...)


When the baker keeps going, just for the 'ell of it:

That, or to center justify the text?

Oooh, if that's the reason I'm going to be SO IMPRESSED.


This one hits a little close to home:

There are approximately 8 billion of us Jennifers out here. Clearly we need to mobilize.


Of course some names hardly bear repeating.

Others... do?


And finally, a poem.
Because I AM going to name names.

Ahem hem hem.

To think that I should never see
A face palm more worthy than thee
For this is their spelling
And what they are selling
To the man named Marc with a "C":


Thanks to Brandie H., Anony M., Patricia L., Renee P., Rikki B., & Marc A. for C'ing what they did there.


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