Must Love Minecraft

Look, minions, sometimes we customers ask for weird stuff on our cakes.



No, like really weird stuff.

(Not to mention weirdly ominous...?)


So you can't always expect your baker to know how to draw, say, Yoda from Star Warsin an Elvis Presley costume.

Although hot dang, that's not half bad.


Still, for all the curve balls we throw at our bakers, I don't think it's TOO much to expect them to know the super popular kids' stuff, right? Like Minecraft, that game with all the green pixelated dudes that every 10-year-old boy is obsessed with?


Exhibit A: An average Minecraft cake.


Which brings me to wreckporter Mary, who ordered Minecraft cupcakes for her son's class. She explained to her bakery that the class all loved Minecraft, and asked for a 4X4 grid of green squares on each cupcake. Nothing too fancy, just some basic Minecraft blocks.

Again, Mary asked for cupcakes. With Minecraft squares on them. No writing, no characters.

Ready to see what she got?

::evil grin::


This is my favorite part of every post, you guys. The ANTICI....











It says "Class Love Birthday Minecraft," if that helps any.

It, uh, definitely didn't help the baker.


Thanks to Jessica R., Kim Z., Anony M., & Mary D. for reminding bakers everywhere that Google can be a wondrous thing. Just sayin'.


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