Baffling Star Wars Cakes The Demand Answers

May the 4th is coming, young padawans, so this is the perfect time to ask something about Star Wars that's been bugging me for YEARS.


::dramatic pause::


What the heck is up with this cake design?

It's supposed to look like that. I checked.


As you can see, it's a weirdly patriotic, abstract, head-floaty situation.


The dot pattern shifts around almost as much as the official explanation for midi-chlorians.

"No, really, they were there all along, Luke." #DealWithIt

And why the candy cane stripes? Why these colors? WHY DARTH VADER'S HEAD? What does it all meeeean?


Granted, Strangers Things have happened.


Darth Demogorgon: The Empire Turned Upside Down.


While we're talking here, maybe one of you can tell me what these are:


All I see are fish. I'm so confused.


Which brings me to the ULTIMATE baffling Star Wars design. This thing's got it all: Abstract explosions. A kiddy pool. Darth attacking bird droppings. And of course, more dots.


[whispering] It's a Masterpiece of Mystery.


So in conclusion, minions:

May the fourth is coming.

Brace yourselves.


And thanks to M.L., Anne, Autumn A., Ruthie G., Anony M., Hilary G., & Brent K. for reminding us to use the forks. Otherwise icing gets everywhere.


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