Star Wars Sweets For Revenge Of The 5th

Since yesterday was May the Fourth, that means today is Revenge of the 5th!

Er, if you're not a Star Wars nerd like me: that's a punny take on Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith.

Which is all the excuse I need to post more great Star Wars cakes!


(By Mike's Amazing Cakes, Washington)

One of the best Star Wars stacks I've seen! The art for Rey & Kylo is redonkulously cute, and BB-8 is PERFECTION. (Believe me, after cosplaying as his head, I know a great BB when I see one.)


There's a whole galaxy of great Millennium Falcon cakes out there, but this one took things into hyperdrive:

(Bety Sugarland, Portugal)

It's floating! It lights up! And look at that gorgeous backdrop!


While I'm casually dropping humble brags about my past Star Wars cosplay, did I mention I was also a Jawa?

(Charity Fent Cake Design, Missouri)

"Utini!" is right, because those are some fabulous teeny Jawas and Ewoks and AT-ATs, OH MY.


Now witness the POWER of this fully armed - and probably delicious - battle station:

(Cakes Decor member Margie, Florida)

More lights! And love the fun colors for the galaxy finish.


We can all agree, Yoda is the cutest Jedi, right?

(Bryson Perkins of Triolo's Bakery, New Hampshire)


Also it's darn near impossible to believe he's actually cake. WOW.


I also never imagined a stormtrooper could be cute, but give him a giant bobble head and a Death Star balloon, and suddenly, BAM:

(Spring Bloom Cakes, Ontario)

I've got a great feeling about this.


I really searched for a great Darth Vader cake, minions, but then I got distracted... by a minion Darth Vader:

(Paprika by Sabrina, Buenos Aires)

I know minions are a little last year, but my mom still loves them and this is for her. And for me, because I like his rainbow lightsaber. :D


This BB-8 wins "best use of a birthday candle EVER":

(Regali Kitchen, Philippines)

BRILLIANT!! Pun intended.


Speaking of puns, we can't be riffing off "Revenge of the Sith" today without including the horniest Sith of them all, Darth Maul:

(Natasha Rice Cakes, California)

And yes, HE'S ENTIRELY EDIBLE! I didn't believe it, either, so I had to check to be sure.


I feel like you're judging me for that "horny" joke, so allow me to make up for it with this gorgeous wedding cake:

(Black Sheep Cakes, Kansas)

You love it. I KNOW.


And finally, you beautiful, scruffy-looking nerf herders, since I don't have a good Princess Leia cake, here's the next best thing:


(By a hobby baker named Megan, who saved the day when all the professional bakeries refused the order. YAY MEGAN!)

Princess Chewbacca.

I like to think this would have made Peter Mayhew proud.

::Wookiee roar::

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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