Of Unicorn Crime Scenes And Flashy Holidays

Hyphen8 writes, "Whatever happened to these unicorns, it wasn't pretty."



Not to mention whoever eats these will have a half life, a cursed life!

Assuming they've read Harry Potter, of course.


It's so hard maintaining your secret identity with bakers around, am I right, Flash?


I also hear it's tricky to get bakers to understand the concept of Jeff/Daddy.

(Give that one a second... it's a few leaps.)


And finally, a TRUE STORY, as reported (or "wreck-ported") by Tish K:

Baker: "Yes, we can do that for May 5th, what name do you want on the cake?”

Tish: “No name, just 'Cinco de Mayo.'”

Baker: “So you want, 'Happy Birthday, Cinca dimea?'”

Tish: “No birthday, the cake is for the holiday, Cinco de Mayo.”

Baker: “Ah, OK, 'Happy Cinco dimea!'”

Tish: "Yes, for Cinco de Mayo, but don’t write 'Happy', just write ‘Cinco de Mayo.’ And it’s not 'dimea', it's D-E space M-A-Y-O. De Mayo!”

Baker, skeptical: “That sounds like an I.”

Tish: "Well, yes, it sounds like an I, but it's spelled with an A.”

And this was me, reading this entire exchange:


"Uh-huh, uh-huh, DO GO ON."

And let me tell you, minions, I was not disappointed:



Thanks to Hyphen, Callum Y., & Tish K. for the cultural exchange.


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