Monday Sweets(?) Celebrates Parks And WRECK

Yesterday Alison told us in the comments that she'd be disappointed if we didn't have a follow-up post entitled, "Celebrating Parks and Wreck."

So Alison, your wish?


Play it again, Jen.


July is Parks and Recreation Month!

If you think I'm going to use this as an excuse to post a bunch of fun cakes and reminisce about Parks & Rec the series, then you are absolutely correct.

But first:

"Marta, I'm gonna need two hours' worth of waffles."



Besides, when else could I feature an awesome shoe cake?

I bet Andy would love that name for his shoe-shine stand, too.


You may see a cute pony, but *I* see Li'l Sebastian:

::sniff:: SO CUTE.


Then there's the man, the myth, the legend:


And perhaps his greatest legacy:

ALL the breakfast foods!


Believe it or not, someone actually made a Cones of Dunshire cake - and it's awesome!

It's all about the cones.


This reminds me of Leslie's favorite wildflower mural:

So gorgeous - and all buttercream! I can't get over those razor sharp edges, wow.


Oooh, here's a beauty worthy of Duke Silver himself:

Best saxophone cake I've ever seen - and yes, the sax is edible!


I suppose we should bring it back to this nation's parks, though, since that IS what we're celebrating this month:

I had to double-check that the animals are hand-sculpted; I thought they were store-bought figurines!


Well, however you celebrate this month, minions, don't forget to TREAT YO'SELF:

Sure, some folks like bubble baths... I'll take the cake.

Happy Parks & Recreation Month, and happy Sunday Monday, everyone!


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