These Sports Wrecks Are In A League Of Their Own

It's Sports Cliché Week, minions, and the gloves. are. off.

No, like, REALLY off.

So let's get the ball rolling with some slam dunk sports clichés!


Though maybe next time don't dunk them so hard. 

That "baseball" is NEVER gonna roll.

Here's something out of left field:

Now that's what I call a sticky widget.


(Oof, that was a terrible joke. Just call me Wayne Regret-ski.)



Looks like this cake is down for the count:


Don't worry; I'm sure this kid's 2rd birthday will be a knockout.

And finally, you know what they always say in sports: 

Go big or go home!

No no no.

I said, go BIG, or go home!


That's better. You can stay.

Although I'm just gonna be over here looking at my phone for a while, so.... yeah. Maybe you should go on home anyway.

Same time tomorrow, though?


Cool cool cool.

Thanks to Angie T., Heather M., Liz J., Erin, Lauren C., Kimmie D.,  & Sophie P., for taking one for the team.


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