11 Pretty Pirate Cakes For The Month Of ARRR-gust

It's Pirate Month, minions, which means it's time to gather all the essential elements.

First, a Skull n' Crossbones to proclaim our piratey tendencies:


(Kara's Couture Cakes, online instruction)

The fact that this ones floats in midair just makes it even MORE badass.

Next, a gorgeous pirate ship:


(Com Amor & Carinho, Portugal) 

Because you want to pirate IN STYLE, right?

 (Love that gold detailing!)

And of course every pirate needs a treasure map:


(Christopher Garren's, California)

Also, when possible, it helps to have a red-striped number wearing a cute hat, because those are adorable:


(Jelly Cake, UK)


Here comes another one, because I couldn't decide which I liked better:


(Irishka Sweets, Russia)

I can't stop staring at those sugar glass waves!

If you're a fan of Pirates of the Carribean - the movies OR the ride - then here's one to shiver your timbers:


(I can't find the baker, help?)

Dead men tell no tales.... and also eat no cake.

So there's more for us, is what I'm saying.

Of course every adventure comes with it's fair share of stormy seas:


(Jane Zubova, Russia)

WOW. Look at that gorgeous backdrop! This looks like a painting come to life!

Then once you're past the stormy seas and murderous kraken:

(Cakey Cake, UK)

... you just might find some octopus booty.


Seriously, though, I love that octopus. Such vivid colors!

Let's see how long it takes you to spot the octopus in this one:


(Eva Benavente, Argentina)

See her? She's so cute! Eeeee! This whole thing is fantastic; look at the detail in the water ripples, and the teeny parrot on the mast! Plus, c'mon, the world needs more pink pirate ships.

 If you've been with me a while then you probably know my all-time favorite color combo is teal and orange... but teal and *red* is a solid second:


(Man Bakes Cake, personal blog)

It's just so cheerful, right? Plus I love the shading on the pirate sails, and the little swirly waves. 

Ahh, but pirates can be elegant, too. Proof: behold this most MAJESTIC pirate ship wedding cake:


(I can't find the baker, anyone recognize it?)

Jaw: dropped

I like the way the lace between the tiers looks like mist from a distance, and though I can't tell from the photo, I really hope there were rings inside the treasure chest. Oh, and can we talk about cutting your wedding cake with a pirate dagger? Talk about style! In fact, I went hunting online for this exact dagger for... reasons... and I found it on Amazon for less than $20! Suh-WEET.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope these made you smile, and your week is extra Sweet.

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