Writhing, Gren, & Diferent

Look out, "Mom."

They're on to you.


They asked for "Happy Birthday Levi" in red icing, written in the top center of the cake:



"John without the H?"



Ever wonder what would happen if a cake and a beehive had a transporter accident?




I dunno about you guys, but the bee butts sticking out of the right side are freaking me right the heck out.


And finally, Jennifer's Summer School director wanted to celebrate their mid-way point with an "over the hump day!" cake. However, "she knew she was in trouble," Jennifer writes, "When the worker taking her order didn't know how to spell 'the.'"

I'm sure some of you have been there, making a phone order and wondering what, exactly, the baker was writing down on the other end. Well, in Jennifer's case, we know!

With an order form like this, WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

("Writhing" is oddly appropriate.)


Oh, right. This:


I think we can all agree this is definitely "gren" and "diferent."

Oh, and:



Thanks to Jenny B., Shirece B., Jeff J., Jennifer U., & Anony M., for the buzz.


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