Print Me A Picture

It's "Build A Better Image Week," bakers, and as an expert in image... [slinks down in chair to hide grungy PJs and frizzy Hermione hair]... I am here to help. 

This time we're working on your edible images, so lets zip through the basics.

First things first, run spell check.



Off to a great start.

Next, properly trim your image:

... and place it smoothly on the cake.



Make sure it's right side up!


And make sure all your color cartridges are full before printing.


If you do accidentally turn someone into Shrek's baby, do not - I repeat, do NOT - use it as your store's display cake.

[innocently begins whistling 'All Star']

Try to choose a cake design that frames the image well:

And remember that photo cakes are all about putting the birthday boy or girl front and center:


If you're making generic cakes for immediate sale, leave plenty of room around your image for the customer's message later:

And choose pictures that go with everything, nothing too specific.

Remember, photo cakes are supposed to be fun, dynamic, and above all, EXUBERANT.


Aw yeah. The Bonnest of Vonages is happening here, I can feel it.

So get on out there, bakers, and give us a big photo finish!


Thanks to Spin, Heather D., Katrina, April S., Art, Julia J., Sam E., Victoria B., Angela J., Candace W., & Stacey B. for seeing the big picture, but only if she's reallllly close.

P.S. Here's an idea: instead of cakes, maybe we should be plastering our loved ones' faces on SOCKS:

Because oh yes, that's a thing you can do for $15.

(I never said it was GOOD idea. Pretty funny, though!)


And from my other blog, Epbot: