Tell Me What You Want, What You Literally Want...

They asked for a big number 8.


They got it.


And this one was to be ready by Wednesday:


(Think if they'd had 'til Friday they could have used a decorator who WASN'T colorblind?) 


Remember last week's "Happy Birthday in Chinese" snafu? Well, for this next one they asked a French bakery to write "Happy Anniversary" in Polish.

And now, proof that you can literally wreck a cake in any language:

What's Polish for "facepalm"? Hang on, lemme go look. 
Aha! K, here we go:



You'll never guess what color the NSC Sweethearts wanted:

In fact, I bet they wanted blue icing almost as much as they didn't want to be called the "Sweathart's."


While we're hypothesizing, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it WILL fit:


And finally, for the days when you're just tired of trying:



Thanks to Gretchen L., Renae F., Armelle B., Jennifer T., Carmin B., & Audrey L. for inspiring every minimalist's next birthday cake.


I don’t know who needs to see this, but it made me literally LOL.

Mermaid Deadpool!


And from my other blog, Epbot: