The Most Laborious of Days

In celebration of Labor Day, let's see if we can't find the perfectly proportioned Mom-In-Labor cake, shall we?

See, this just feels insulting.


And now she's compensating for something. 

While we're talking proportions, bakers... about this foot:



Sweet mercy, woman, get the C-section. 

In fact a lot of moms-to-be seem to be carrying future Sasquatches:




Though I'm really enjoying the creepy mood lighting on that one, very Dana's apartment in Ghostbusters.

 Is this shoe placement bothering anyone else?


No? Just me thinking it seems cruel to put SHOES right where the poor woman's leg stumps should be?

Allllrighty then.

And finally, while it can be tough to decide which kind of Dismembered Mom Torso will shock your guests the most, in this case, the answer is clear:


Happy Labor Day, y'all.

Go rest up.

 Thanks to John S., Elizabeth, Erica S., Anony M., Jennifer K., Julie P., & Avia F. for pointing out that the baby in the window belly has also pooped a little. EXCELLENT.

This would make a great shower gift. Just sayin'.


And from my other blog, Epbot: