10 Geekalicious Wedding Cakes (You Love Them? I KNOW)

If you've been here a while, minions, then you know every year John and I make the trek up to Atlanta this weekend to get our geek on at Dragon Con.

This year is no different, and though I'm currently exhausted and sore and probably up to my eyeballs in glitter and dropped feathers, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And since I am ALL IN on the geek theme this week, prepare to feast your eyeballs on 10 absolutely stunning Geek Chic wedding cakes.


(Happy Occasions Cakes, UK)

Starting with Disney, since I'm still riding the high of all the fun D23 cosplay last week. (Did you SEE the moving Haunted Mansion ride dress? Jaw: DROPPED.)

Back to this beauty, though: I love the teal accents with the silhouettes, and the offset tiers are so pretty!

Next, another fandom near to my heart:


(Sweet Delights Cakery, Michigan)

Harry Potter!

John and I've had a Potter-themed Christmas party every year for the last three, so I'm always on the lookout for elegant Wizarding decor. This is perfect: classic, subtle, magical.

Hang on, I have to show you one more Potter pretty, since I'm a sucker for a good Quidditch pun:


(Blue Sheep Bake Shop, New Jersey)

And the Quidditch Hoops are hearts! OH MY HEART.

I'm also liking how neither of these use the Snape-centric "Always" on them - which, if you think about it, is kind of problematic on a wedding cake, ha. 

Where are my Doctor Who fans?


(Hive Bakery, Texas)

I've featured so many Doctor Who cakes here over the years that a lot of them start to look the same - but this one stands out with those giant sunflowers (a nod to the Vincent episode, perhaps?) and that fun metal texture under the galaxy. Love it!

And speaking of galaxies, you know we have to visit one far, far away:


(Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings, Disneyland CA)

With a Star War!! ;) This beauty has it all: an X-wing battle, glowing lightsabers, and oh yes, the topper got Solo'd. (I KNOW, RIGHT?)

Quick break from fandoms to celebrate the classic programming nerds out there:


(Barbie Aknin of Community Cousine, photo by Lisa Robinson)

How sweet is this?? The design is inspired by a circuit board, and the glasses on top make me smile. My parents both wore thick dark glasses like those in their wedding photos - and my Dad was an electrical engineer much of my life! - so this reminds me of them.

Now back to fandoms with this picture perfect Lord of the Rings cake:


(Blackstone Caterers, Rhode Island, featured here)

That's all buttercream! I can't get over those smooth-as-porcelain sides, and I love the subtle design to give them some texture. Then the piped leaves! Ah! Gorgeous.

Of course we've gotta have a superhero wedding cake, right?


(Baker Unknown, help?)

I like how they made it in shades of white to give it a more elegant feel.

Next, the cutest Legend of Zelda cake ever:

(I can't find this baker either, ARG. Anyone recognize it?)

D'AWWWWW. That Perler bead topper is the cherry on top, this is the sweetest.

While we're talking classic video games, look! It's'a Mario!


(Jacques Pastries, New Hampshire)

I love the piranha plant "flowers," - and though they're not edible, that Mario & Peach topper is making me melt. SO CUTE.

And finally, a Game of Thrones wedding cake fit for royalty:


(Sweetlake Cakes, The Netherlands)

I love the crowns up top, and all these great textures! The blue roses are so subtle and rich, too. Gorgeous.

I hope these made you smile, and maybe geek out a little yourself! If you're curious to see what I'm up to at Dragon Con today, check out my Story on Instagram or the Ebpot FB page; I'll be updating there through Monday. (After which we will drive home and collapse for a week, ha.)


And because I assume you like adorkable wedding cake toppers as much as I do... LOOKIE:


R2 & BB Wedding Cake Topper

These ARE the droids we're looking for! 

I also found the Han & Leia one from the Disneyland cake:


"I Love You, I Know" Topper


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