CAKETASTROPHE!! (By Special Request)

I was perusing the Cake Wrecks Facebook page the other day (where every follower gets a free invisible puppy!!) when I came across a rather unusual request:

Ahh, so you want to pop open the hood and take a gander inside the wrecks, is that it, Jennifer?

Well, I'm glad you asked.







Hey, Jennifer, you ever wonder how cupcake cakes (ptooie!) keep their icing from falling through all those big gaps?



We just saw last week how a gender reveal cake failed to actually reveal anything - other than plain yellow cake - but here's the opposite problem:

The cake was blue inside with pink icing.



Now I'm going to show you my absolute favorite cake cake wreck of all time, Jennifer, and which I've been hanging onto for just this moment.

First, though, let me explain what (we think) happened:

A bakery was unable to sell a Halloween cake in time, but they didn't want to throw it away or reduce the price. So instead, they simply flipped the entire cake over, icing side down, and re-decorated the other side to make it into a generic birthday design.

CW reader Shannon had no idea of the skullduggery at work until she cut the cake, and found this:

That's a whoooole lotta icing, right there.

(And think how fresh!!)


And finally, I know I posted the video of this over on FB a week or two back, but here's a quick .gif reminder of the importance of proper wedding cake support:


(Watch the original video here to see them both continue to laugh hysterically, which is just adorable. Cutest couple ever!)


Welp, I hope that satisfies some of your blood lust for caketastrophe, Jennifer!

And hey, for the rest of you, the request line... IS OPEN.


Thanks to Cherie O., Leann S., Jaunna, Fribby, Sarah, & Shannon G. for reminding me of those times bakeries accidentally left scissors, a paring knife, and other various cutlery in their cakes - because that was a HOOT. (And also because "TRAUMATIC BIEBER" *still* makes me snort-laugh.)


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Don't Worry, Look At Cake Wrecks

Important note- This post is about tax day which is traditionally on the 15th. However, taxes this year aren't due until the 18th because the Federal Government wanted to mess up our post flow. Not cool, Federal Government. Not cool. -john


It's tax day here in the U.S., but did you know April 15th is also the day President Lincoln died? And the Titanic sank? And McDonald's was founded?!

Maybe that's why today is also known as "That Sucks Day."

But don't worry, minions; I'm here to make it better.

Ahem hem hem.
[begins strumming ukelele]
[stops strumming ukeleli to go look up how to spell "ukelayle"]
[resumes strumming ukulele]


Here's a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note


Don't worry,



In every life we have some trouble


But when you worry,
you make it double

Don't worry,
Don't worry,
be happy now!


Ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo-ooh hoo-hoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

Don't worry,


You swerved in traffic and wrecked your cake?  


Got stuck this morning in a big earthquake,

Don't worry,


The baker trying to make you frown


He turned your rainbow upside down


Don't worry




Don't worry
(Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha)

(Look at me, I'm happy!)


Ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo-ooh hoo-hoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Oooh this song goes on foreverrrrr
Oooh ooh


Thanks to Diana C., Morgan B., Casey F., Courtney B., Richard B., Crystal F., Amanda B., Stevie M., Sean Z., & Jessica H. for reminding us there's always someone out there having a wreckier day.



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