Sunday Sweets: Halloween Treats

Sooo, what are you going to be for Halloween this year?
What's that you say?
You don't KNOW!?

Well, let's fix that problem right now.

How about a ghost?

Submitted by Patti and made by Cakes by Erin

Spooky and easy! A ghost costume, that is. This cake looks anything but easy with all the tiny spiders and snakes and spooks popping out all over the place.


Or, if scary isn't your thing, you could be an adorable little kitty cat, like this:

Submitted by Carrie C. and made by Wendy's Taarten

Everything about this scene is SO cute. Even the headstones look cheerful. RIP, okie dokie!?


Or, a vintage kitty cat! It's the same thing, only with a trendier name!

Made by amateur baker Lisa N.

This artwork really takes me back. To where, I'm not sure. I can't remember if this was a picture book or a cartoon, but it is SO familiar. Anyone?


Anyway, is your issue that you just can't make up your mind? Witch, pumpkin, skeleton ... what to choose, what to choose...

Submitted by Sarah M. and made by Megan Babuska of Classic Cakes

Hey, why not be all three? A skele-jack-o-witch! A witchin-jack-o-ton! A jack-o-witchy-skels! I don't know. Just be generous with the glitter and you really can't go wrong. (I LOVE the hat, it's like The Sorting Hat goes to a formal occasion).


Dracula is always a classic crowd-pleaser:

Submitted by Tammy S. and made by Jen Gray of Over the Top Cakes

And vampires are like, so hip right now. At least the broody teenage variety. (And, hey, you can be generous with the sparkly glitter on those, too!)


Speaking of broody, have you considered being Frankenstein? (I know, I know, don't tell me. Frankenstein was actually the name of the doctor who created the monster. I know. Ninety-nine percent of planet Earth still calls him Frankenstein anyway.)

By Almost Anything Cakes

'Course, the only thing I'm calling is the cops, because there's a monster decapitator in the area! Seriously, this things looks so real, I half expect it to start talking to me. Creee to the pee.


Still undecided? Well, it's not Halloween yet. You've still got time to go over-the-top with your costume. How about an alien Cthulhu!

By Artisan Cakes by e.t.

(Be kind to me; I have no idea what this thing is. After many fruitless attempts to spell it, I finally had to Google "tentacle beard." It is awesome nonetheless. As is any cake with nipples).


And now, a few helpful Halloween tips from me to you:

Don't forget to wear reflective clothing. Don't go out alone. Look both ways. Carry a flashlight.

By Salt City Bakery

And don't let anyone jack your candy.


Also, only trick-or-treat at homes you are familiar with. This one looks ok:

By Janell's Cakes


This one, I'd probably avoid:

By Creations by Skip

At all costs.


And please, if you must drink,

Made by Tracy G.

...drink responsibly.


And most of all...

By Truly Custom Cakery

Have a Very Happy Halloween!


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