Word To Your Mathar

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and bakers are here to help us tell Mom exactly how we feel:

Only without all that namby-pamby decorative stuff.

"Flowers are a sign of weakness, kid. Now, shake your mother's hand and let's have some cake."


You've heard of "a rose among the thorns?" How about "a rose among the intestines?"

Wow. Thank goodness they used all that frosting to glue cupcakes down in a random worm shape instead of making a repulsive "normal" cake, eh? EH? AhahahahaaaSOB.


Bakers know not all of us have mothers, though. Apparently some of us have Mathers:


And still others, Mathars:


But no matter what you call her, bakers know that special lady in your life really, really likes ugly purses:


No, I mean REALLY ugly:

 Because ovaries.


So let's hear it for Mo!

Mo is #1 because Mo understands the importance of finishing what you start... unless it's time for your lunch break.


Thanks to Michelle A., Anony M., Heather, Rachel H., Amanda B., & Kira G. for knowing mum's the word.


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