Gone Fishin'

They say its therapeutic

And sure relaxing, too


They say, "get back to nature!"

"Embrace the real you!"

With all the fish in the sea,
I guess they must be right:

Men rarely seem to care

if they ever get a bite.


What matters is the freedom

Hanging out's the real goal

'Cuz there's nothing quite so natural

As a man


... and his pole.

Thanks to Eric & Sarah, Cassidi, V.F., Hillary H., Barbara R., Meghan P., Chris, & Jedr A. for the helpful arrow I really don't think any of us needed. :D

Also sometimes Amazon gives me a gift when I go searching for appropriate post products, and today was truly a red-letter day:

My new go-to gift for every fisherman I know.


And from my other blog, Epbot: