Ghosts with the Most, Continued

This is:

A) the fabled Ghost Genie of Graceland, said to occupy the King's old rhinestone jumpsuits and known to terrorize tourists with his swirly bouffant 'do and tiny T-Rex arms

B) the Michelin Man after an unfortunate smelting accident

C) cloud porn (if you don't tell your kids, who will?)

Hey, that's cheating - the ghost is made of plastic! Thank goodness for the airbrushing, tri-colored tree spikes, and two disapproving pumpkins (see below); or else this wouldn't be a Wreck at all.

Pumpkin #1: "Hey, what's with the ghost's purple nose?"
Pumpkin #2: "I dunno - maybe he got a boo-boo. Get it? 'Boo-boo'? Ahahahha!"
Pumpkin #1: "Dude. You are so annoying."
Pumpkin #2: "Or maybe he inherited it from his transparents? Huh?"
Pumpkin #1: "Forget I said anything. Really."
Pumpkin #2: "Oh, wait, I know! He had too many spirits last night! Get it? 'Spirits'?"
Pumpkin #1: "Somebody cut the cake already. I can't take it anymore."

Thanks to Leanna P. and Shawn A.!