The Beginning of the End?

My friends, I come to you today on a matter of grave importance for our nation's future. Many of you have shared with me your concerns over the impending crisis America is facing, and I felt it was best to address this issue head on, while something can still be done to avert total catastrophe. Some of you are scared. Some are angry. Others, just baffled beyond belief. Certainly the future as we know it is hanging in the balance. Still, all is not yet lost.

I'm talking, of course, about these:

That's right: thanks to retailer Bed Bath & Beyond, the dreaded cupcake-cake is coming to the masses. Call it a "Cupcake Puzzle" if you will, BB&B, but we know a Wreckerator when we see one!

Of course, BB&B is just the middle man; the real culprit is the manufacturer, Wilton:

Now, let's not panic just yet, people. Sure, the vast majority of "professionals" can't even produce a decent looking cupcake-cake, leaving us common Janes as likely to traumatize our families as delight them with our potentially half-baked efforts. Yes, the entire CCC concept is inherently flawed, and will therefore always resemble the demented flailings of a prepubescent Pollock. And yes, those separated cupcakes in the photos were obviously decorated separately, which could lead one to accuse Wilton of false advertising. Certainly no cupcake-cake pulls apart with perfectly shaped edges like that.

Still, this is a democracy, my friends, and you have a choice! Just say 'no' to CCCs! Stand up for truth, justice, and real cakes for all! And be sure to use lots of exclamation marks to get your point across!

Or, barring that, make a Wreck and send it to me - I'm kind of curious to see just how bad these bad boys look in "real" life. ;)