The Cutest Misspellings of "Happy Birthday" I Have Ever Seen

Betcha didn't know a misspelling could be cute, did you? Well, it can. Observe:

This was given to Erik's buddy over in Iraq, where the locals guards had nicknamed him Omar. Yes, it says "Hippy barth day". Tell me that doesn't make you want to squeeze its lil' icing cheeks - go on.

JB tells me this adorable little morsel came from a restaurant in Taipan:

"Epi Burfday"


UPDATE: Some of you are taking issue with my "Taipan" spelling. (The gall!) So just to clear this up: no, I did not misspell it, and no, I don't know where it is. All I can say is that's what was written in the e-mail. Is it possible JB meant Taiwan? Sure. Do I care? Not so much.