What Makes Jen Happy?

This does:

Yes, seeing Joy and Erin wearing their official Cake Wrecks aprons while holding a tribute CCC Wreck makes my soul positively hum with happiness. Hear it?

Joy writes:
"I guess we missed the tribute party post by having our (somewhat) Cake Wrecks-themed event actually ON the day of said post, but here are some photos of my friend Erin and I and our attempt at a CCC wreck (aka Frostyng the "Snowman"). Sadly, we are not professionals, and therefore good ol' Frostyng came out a little too well to be a real wreck, but enjoy anyway!
(Note also the Cake Wrecks aprons we are wearing, which are awesomeness itself.)"

You're right, Joy; that snowman CCC is entirely too well-made to be a Wreck. I mean, look at it:

You made the proportions right! And gave him a cute lil' carrot nose! What were you thinking?


I must admit, though, that "Frostyng" is a great name. Good work.