Wreckies of the Month

It's been a while since we featured the handiwork our noble and crafty henchpersons, so here, without further ado, is what had us in stitches this month:

Get it? Stitches? Eh?

(Wait. Does crochet use "stitches?" )

This was made by Regina W., who was inspired by the classic Cycloptic Smiley Clover of Despair.

(What, you don't remember the Cycloptic Smiley Clover of Despair? How could you forget the Cycloptic Smiley Clover of Despair?!? The Cycloptic Smiley Clover of Despair is a classic. CLASSIC, I say!)

Next we have a slightly more edible homage, which the lucky Becky F. received for her birthday:

Gotta love the ring of "sprinkles."

Then there's, uh, this:

This baby shower cake is actually a Wreck to the third power: Sharon K. made the Jockey homage for her sister's shower, but en route to the party had a brake-slamming incident which resulted in...well, what you see here. Good thing they were already going for a Wreck, huh? :D

Laura M., ran into the most bizarre problem I've ever heard of while trying to order her own Wreck homage: the bakery told her they couldn't do anything, and I quote, that the "Cake Wreckers do, because that's a trademark."

Note to bakers: yes, you can, and no, it's not. (Well, the name is, sure, but feel free to use the popular stuff like "I want sprinkles" or "falker satherhood.")

So, left with no other choice, Laura made her own cake wreck:

And what a lovely wreck it is, too. :)

Next we have Megan T.'s gravity-defying homage:

Megan would like to point out that the jockeys are riding candy corn, thereby making them seasonably appropriate. And also tasty.

By now I'm sure you are all familiar with the classic Good Luck in China/Fireman cake. (And if not, go read Scott's story immediately.) Well, when Jenni T. got a new job, her colleagues made her some impressively wrecky versions of said classic:

There were actually two more, but these were the most amusing. ;)

And finally, Max from Freed's Bakery in Las Vegas put together a fun video of a little literal cake wrecking. Check it out:

Looks like fun. Well, except for the icing-in-the-hair part. [shudder]

Have something wrecks-related to show us? Then send it in! We just might post it. And we even promise not to mock your efforts. Much.