Wreckies of the Month

It's time again to recognize those loyal henchpersons among you who have created something truly Wrecktastic this month.

First up, some of you may have noticed this in your daily comics the other week:

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Well, it turns out that Guy actually IS a Cake Wrecks fan, and this was his tribute. Excellent! Although, Guy, I feel I must point out that you spelled everything correctly. [shaking head] Tsk, tsk.

The famously infamous Darth Vader Baby Shower Cake continues to inspire many of you in your at-home Wreckerating. Here's Jenna's version, made for a fellow D&D group member:

"Welcome to the dork side." Heh. Aheh. Heh.

Oooh, and speaking of Wreck-inspired homages: Listen! Do you smell that?

Jennifer N. got these fabulous Ghostbuster cupcakes from her friend Ashley for her 25th birthday. As you can see, Ashley mixed in some of this tragic Wreck along with the correct "no ghost" symbol. So. Cool.

Another great baby shower homage from Mary N.:

This is quite the combo! Let's see...there's It a Gril, In pink, the belly cake, the C-section cake, and of course the world-famous carrot jockeys. Whew! Pretty sweet!

And lastly, Danielle M. earns the Best Wrecky Babysitter Award for wrangling all of the neighborhood kids she babysits (Shelbie, Maddy, Ashley, Abby, and Jacob) into a Cake Wrecks sketch:

My favorites include the magically transforming sidekick, the "patooie" at :51, and of course, the ending. Daniel had the kids perform two other Cake Wrecks posts, too: the Cake Head Diet Aid and The Twilight (Wrecking) Zone. It's most gratifying to know the next generation of Wreckies is assured. Good work, Danielle and minions!

For the rest of you, keep those e-mails coming! I may not post everything you send in, but I thoroughly enjoy laughing at admiring your photos, videos, and general geekiness.