I think this needs a whole new category...

Nothing tells Dad you love him quite like a slab of cake that looks like bloody meat. Yeesh. However, since it was executed well (get it? "executed"? I kill myself. Get it? I "kill" myself? I'm slaying you in the aisles, I know. Get it?) I've had to invent a whole new cake category:

[Drum roll, please]

The new category IS...
"Close-Your-Eyes Cakes"

[cymbal crash]

Because while we can appreciate the talent required to make a cake that looks like, for example, a bloody steak (I mean, just look at that fat casing!), we don't really relish the thought of eating it with our eyes open. We're pretty sure we'd be half-cringing up until the last second, praying all that "blood" really is icing.