The 8 Cruelest Cakes To Serve Someone With A Hangover

And now, in keeping with our yearly Cake Wrecks tradition:

The 8 Cruelest Cakes To Serve Someone With A Hangover

(Best accompanied with cymbal crashes, gum-snapping, and LOTS of cheerful whistling.)


1) This boil-covered Bundt cake:

Don't prepare them or anything. Just slap a slice of that shiny sucker down on your favorite china plate, and stand back.


2) Fake Fish N' Chips with lumpy mashed... peas?


3) What I hope is fake fish on real cake:

You must admit, they really nailed that decaying, desiccated look.

Which is a skill set you don't get too often in bakeries...


4) The most realistic edible sunburn I've ever seen:

Seriously, I've been saving this one up for you guys. Don't you just want to rub some Aloe Vera on it?


5) The Dribble Which Must Not Be Named:

No, no, don't tell us what it is. PLEASE.


6) Cupcakes with REAL tortilla chips jammed under all the icing:

The chips are there in case the whole "vomit on a plate" aesthetic doesn't already do you in.


7) An Edible Ashtray:

Do you think they add liquid smoke to the cake batter? Because that would be kinda genius, in a really disgusting sort of way.


And finally, if all else fails, there's always the new trend over in Japan:

8) Raw. Meat. Cakes:

One more:

And just like that, your hung over friend/enemy is well on his/her way to recovery!


Thanks to Marlissa D., Emily I., Anony M., Irene, Anne-Marie, Kelli J., Jennifer C., & Stephanie M. for really raising the steaks the year.


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