9 Cakes To Cure That Hangover


Now, I know some of you may have overdone it a bit last night, but don't you worry; Auntie Jen is here to help. With her accordion. And her strobe lights.

First things first, though: let's get you a niiiice, stomach-settling breakfast:

[singing] Jen is GREAT! She gives you chocolate CAKE!


What, not hungry yet? Oh, but you have to eat something! How 'bout this?

Bet you can really sink your teeth into that, right? Haha!

Still no?


Ooh, I know just the thing to get the ol' juices flowing:

Hand me that scalpel, and I'll get ya a middle slice.


Gosh, you sure are a picky eater.


Well, I'm determined to find you SOMETHING. How 'bout some world-famous squid corn?


Ducky's Sticky Ball Surprise?


Log Dump?


I don't actually know what this next one is...

[squinting] ... but it appears to be bleeding.



Whoa there, you're not looking so good, my friend! Maybe a little fresh fruit would help.


Ok, so I don't have any fresh fruit. But I think these might be pear slices:



What's that, you say? You want me to "cut it out?"


Well, if you insist...


Thanks to Kim P., Haines B., Jill S., Laura O., Tristem L., Jo, John A., Theresa S., & Adeline H. for putting her best foot forward for the New Year.