New Year's Aftermath

Ok, team, we still have some New Year's cakes left over, so let's do a big push this week to get these things off the shelves!

Bob, just say yours is a butterfly:

A drunk, drunk butterfly.


Cathy, yours are blue snails:

Er... right?


And Sheryl, for once your crappy handwriting is going to work for us:

After all, how do we know there isn't a racing holiday somewhere called "Siess Xeors?"

(Which reminds me, Sheryl, we really need to talk about these "diamond rings" you keep making. Seriously.)


Brent, your cake... um... what is it?

Brent: "It is... [looking at cake]
"It is... [sniffing cake]

"It is green."

Thanks, Brent.


Well, Cindy, at least we can all agree your design is always in demand:

Just keep the kids away, k? We have a reputation to consider.


Thanks to Debby G., Catie C., Veronica F., Wendy T., & Teresa C. for not gushing too much over the little squirts.