The Dish on Denver

For those of you wondering about all these extra posts I'm putting up this week, allow me to explain.

No, no, there is too much. Let me "sum up."

1. John and I are on a book tour for Cake Wrecks, the book.
2. Uh...actually, that's about it.

On Tuesday we got to visit The Tattered Cover in Denver, where we fought oxygen deprivation in the thin air and managed to get at least one guy in the crowd to look excited:

Thanks, Nils.

Actually, what's happened here is that long bouts of uncontrollable laughter have rendered everyone nearly catatonic with pleasure. [polishing fingernails] Yep, me and John, we have what you might call "the gift."

Adding to the fun were the oh-so-yummy cupcakes, provided by Porche of Lovely Confections:

(I had a few of these with breakfast the next morning. So. Good.)

Here we have Kaiti, Kelly, and Christine, our cupcake Wreckplica contest "winners":

Lookin' good, girls!
And their entries:

Kaiti's flaming pile of...fruit.

Kelly's popped-eye sailor blob.

And Christine's monkey-boy!

Here are a few more of my favorites:

This one made me laugh; I love the French butterfly!


A rodeo carrot jockey. Excellent.

You can see all of the entries in the Facebook album here.

And one last thing: I'd like to apologize to the last 20 or so of you in the signing line that night; we had to rush because the store was closing (well, had been closed for 25 minutes, actually) and so we didn't get the chance to chat with you as much as we wanted to. I'm very sorry about that, and I hope you each still had fun!