Bethesda Tour Roundup

Our last three stops on the "world" tour had some of our largest and most enthusiastic crowds yet, as the following Wreckage is sure to show. ;)

First we have the Giant Wreck provided by Fancy Cakes by Leslie:

It's like an "I Spy" of plastic flotsam: Wreckalicious! (Not to mention delicious.)

Leslie is one of the top cake artists in the U.S., and we were lucky to have her volunteer when the tour reschedule prevented Charm City from attending. Plus, in an unprecedented move of good humor, Leslie also brought the Obama display cake I posted waaay back during the inauguration:

So hats off to Leslie for being such a good sport! You'll see more of her amazing work in this Sunday's Sweets, too.

The crowd, waiting patiently.

Once again we had folks peering out from behind shelves and sitting on the floor where they could. Such dedication! My Wrecky henchpersons make me so proud.

Our three Wreckplica "winners" went all out, too:

That's Burton (yes, THE Burton), Andrea, and Ivanna.

Here's a closer look at their entries:

Why yes, that IS dead Lenin in a hot dog bun riding a poo wave.

What's not to love?

See the rest of the entries in the Bethesda FB album here.

Big thank you to Alicia Baker Tulloch at ABT Photography who let us use some of her photos!