In Honor of the Rick Roll

The Rickroll has officially been beaten to death, which is why you won't find a 'rolling link here on Wrecks today.* However, it's still pretty funny, and some folks are still doing it, so in honor of those who have or will be rolled today, here's a lovely little accompanying cake:

Carl found it here; it was made by The Bleeding Heart Bakery, and is one of the nicest Rickroll cakes I've seen. I think the decorator really captured the hair height and patented "Rick Astley Dancing Elbows" quite well, don't you?

And while I'm posting April Fool's related news, I've gotta give a birthday shout-out to my big brother, Ben. Yes, my brother was born on April Fool's. And if you think I didn't get some serious teasing-mileage out of that growing up, you are quite mistaken. [wicked grin] Happy birthday, Ben!

*After today, though, all bets are off.