The Nose "No"s

These nosy Wrecks are certainly nothing to sneeze at.

We can always count on the drug companies for body part cakes, can't we, Amy S? Let's just hope that applicator isn't fully loaded. Oh, and that the cake isn't pistachio with lemon-glaze filling. Heheheh.

Ashley P. sniffed out a model that looks like a retro-fitted Space Invaders blaster:

To quote that guy from Geekologie: PEW PEW!

Celebrating a nose bleed: just one more occasion you never knew cakes were perfect for.

This next one may look like an adobe hut or cave entrance, but it's not.

I said "IT'S NOT." Work with me here, people, will ya?

Anyhoo, this gratuitous up-the-nose shot was found by Jessica G., and I'm lovin' that white shell border. Because you always want your giant schnoz to have a delicate finishing touch.

This next one's a lousy photo, but only because Tara H. had to take a picture of a picture to get it:

Ah, nose hair and extraneous apostrophes: It just don't get no betta!