Oh, The Turkeys Are Screaming, Alright

You may have noticed a certain turkey ice cream cake that gets to be all the rage around this time each year:

That's the one.


Of course, that's also a company promotional photo. Your own results may vary.

Like so:


Or so:


Or so:

It's like that scene in Basic Instinct, only with more giggle-snorts.


Britney S. takes home the prize, though, with her dad's birthday cake:

Sweet Staypuft, why is there a face on it?!



Britney tells me she was disappointed to learn that, in addition to looking like that, her turkey cake didn't even have any cake in it; it was just all ice cream.

Left with no way to secure the birthday candles, Britney's family improvised - and rather brilliantly, I might add:



Thanks to Ilana, Kate G., Aayesha, & Britney for the flaming drum sticks. And for the rest of you: please don't go burning your houses down with your ice cream cakes. Although the irony would be delicious.


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