Threadcakes Contest

Like to make cakes? Like to eat cakes? Then you'll love the contest Threadless has going on right now: Threadcakes. (If you're not familiar with Threadless, it's a community based tee-shirt company with tons of amazing artist-submitted designs.) The contest is simple: make a cake based on your favorite Threadless design, submit a photo, and hope you win.

There are impressive prize packs racking up for the winners (they're still adding goodies), with separate winners for both 2D and 3D cakes. The contest runs until August 3rd, so you've got plenty of time to find your inspiration design and get baking. They've even got all of last year's cakes posted on the front page to help inspire you/show you what you're up against.

Last year's 1st place winner, along with the shirt design it's based on.

Oh, and did I mention I'm one of the judges?

Yep, me, Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes, and some other fabulous individuals will be making up the judging panel. Now, I warned the folks at Threadcakes that nothing could prepare them for your Wreckish onslaught of creativity, so I'm counting on you guys. So go make me proud!

(Click here to go to Threadcakes.