Blog & Tour Update

Hi Guys!

Sorry to interrupt the flow of Wreckage, but I figured it was high time to update you on the coming book tour and also some of what's going on here with the blog.

First, the blog: Over the next month or so you'll see a few more guest posts from both John and my "Wrecksistant" Anne-Marie , since I'm up to my elbows in book promotion and tour stuff. (Yes, really. I promise I'm not just vegging on the couch playing dot Hack. As far as you know, anyway.) Still, I haven't missed a day's posting here in nearly a year, and I have no intention of breaking that record! So y'all be nice to my guest posters, hear? And if you're ever curious as to who wrote what, just look at the footer bar of each post.

The biggest and best news, though, is that Cake Wrecks is getting a makeover. Yes! We're finally getting a professionally designed look! I've grown rather attached to this Minima Blue, though, so that will still feature in the background. The new design will streamline our sidebars (we're even cutting ads - woot!), widen the posting area slightly, and look a whole lot nicer. Look for that to debut sometime in the next three weeks.

Next, book tour stuff:

First, let me tell ya: this tour is going to be *awesome*. We have some of the best bakers and bakeries signed up to provide amazing cakes at each stop, and so far between two and four hundred of you have RSVP'd for each location already. These are going to be some cuh-razy parties! You'll have lots of opportunity to meet and mingle with your fellow Wreckies, hang with me and John, ask us questions, show off your cupcakes, stuff your faces... you get the idea.

(Oh, and re: the cupcake contest: be sure to bring your cupcake on a small paper plate with your name written on it, k? Thaaanks.)

Also, good news for those of you in the San Francisco area: since we had an extra day there anyway, and since so many of you pointed out that our existing stop in Petaluma is a bit of a trek from the bay, we've added another stop in the city itself. To help us plan who will be attending which event, though, we've had to delete the old Petaluma RSVP page and put up two new ones. So, if you're planning to attend either (or both!), please RSVP again here: for San Francisco click here, and for Petaluma click here.

I wish I had similar good news for those of you in Atlanta and Boston, but I think Andrews McMeel is trying to NOT kill me on this, my very first book tour. We now have 12 stops in 16 days, and as someone who dislikes travel and public scrutiny, I can tell you that I may be thoroughly zombified by the end of it. (John and I will be in Atlanta for Dragon*Con next weekend, though, so stay tuned to my Twitter if you want to hunt us down and say hello!)

Also coming up is a "virtual" book tour, during which I will be "visiting" five of my favorite blogs and/or websites. I'll be introducing each of them to you a little closer to the "virtual tour," which will coincide with the "real" tour, and will hopefully introduce you to some neat new sites and "people." Heh. (Excessive quotation marks ftw!)

Well, I think that's it! Thank you so much, my loyal Wrecktators, for making all of these great things possible. I'm pretty overwhelmed right now, but your amazing e-mails, comments, and continued readership have made all the craziness and stress worthwhile. John and I can't wait to meet so many of you on the tour!

- Jen