Book Release Update - Don't Panic. :)

Some of you who have pre-ordered Cake Wrecks are getting e-mails stating that it may not ship for several more weeks, or even as late as early October. Naturally, if you're coming to the book tour you want your copy before that! So we looked into it, and fortunately Andrews McMeel tells us that the book left their warehouses today. Accounting for travel and stocking time, then, it should be on shelves or in the mail to you by next week, just in time for the book tour kick-off. So there shouldn't be any need to cancel your online order - although you may want to call your bookstore for an update if you haven't received your copy by late next week.

Also, if you haven't placed a pre-order, rest assured that each store will have plenty of copies on hand for you to purchase there.

Thanks to those of you who let us know about this, and John and I will see some of you in a few weeks!

- Jen