Help For Haiti

As the news continues to pour in about the shocking loss of life (estimated in the tens of thousands now) and wide-spread destruction following the quake in Haiti this week, I hope you Wreckies will consider donating to one of the many relief organizations providing aid there.

Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers popping up, though, so do be careful where you give. Charity Navigator has a great list of trustworthy organizations here, which includes our previously featured Doctors Without Borders.

For an easy way to donate to the Red Cross, you can text “Haiti” to 90999 and $10 will be added to your next phone bill. (Over $1 million raised this way as of this writing.)

I know a lot of you can't afford to give much. That's Ok! As we saw from the Charity Countdown, it only takes each of us giving a little to accomplish a lot together. So let's give what we can, spread the word, and say a prayer for this poor country and the heroes working there on the ground.

(Our Doctors Without Borders First Giving page is still up, and there's no minimum donation required. Only have a buck to give? Then please, give it here.)