Kitty Please

Today we have some bonus Wreckage and a quick update from my favorite animal shelter, Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Hit it, kitties!

You said it, Slimer.
(Note: if I had a green cat/shag carpet blob, I would totally name him Slimer.)

Now, in English: Puffy Paws, the no-kill, no cage shelter we featured last year during our Charity Countdown, has too many cats. As in, they have FOUR HUNDRED CATS. And, since Rick & Chrissy (the couple who owns and operates the shelter) specialize in taking in special-needs kitties...


...they need to adopt out all the NON-special-needs cats (about 160 of the 400) to make room for the rest. That's where (hopefully) you guys come in.

Exactly. (Um. Where does that string go?)

So, if you know anyone in the South Florida area, would you ask them to spread the word? The county is threatening to put these cats down if homes are not found soon, and they're loving, healthy animals that would make a lot of folks very, very happy. Kind of like cake. Except (hopefully) you wouldn't want to eat them.

Actually, I guess they *do* have that in common with these cakes. [head tilt] Huh.

Well, they're also much cuter than these. Promise.

Plus they won't stain your teeth green.

The real cats, I mean. (Just go with it, Ok?)

For those of you who want to help but who can't adopt, Puffy Paws is also seeking donations to go towards renting a larger facility - not to mention to help with general upkeep and medicines and food and such for all the cats. It's super easy to give: just look for the Paypal "donate" button on their site.

Well, thanks for listening to this special Wrecks PSA, Wreckies. I'll close now with a special word from the Cat in the Hat:


You heard the kitty.

Shauna M., Jade B., Patricia W., Tiffany N., Jonathan W., & Emily V., thanks for the cat-astrophic cakes. They were simply purr-fect.