Cool Character Sweets

What better way to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday than with some cool character sweets? (I know. That doesn't really make sense. Go with me here.)

Starting with Kung Fu Panda:

(Submitted by Barbara E. and made by Manjares)

And here's a little Homer Simpson made by the same baker:

An absolutely amazing Stewie from Family Guy:

(Made by Sandra W. A non-pro. Can you believe it?)

And an adorable Snoopy:

(Submitted by Jessi J. and made by Cakes By Francesca.)

For our fondant-free sweet, we have Sweetums from the Muppets:

(Submitted by Kate W. and made by her parents.)

And here's a great Mike Wazowski cake:

(Made by Caroline)

What better way to end than with Eeyore. Absolutely adorable!

(Made by London Cakes.)

Have a Sweet to nominate? E-mail it to me at Sunday Sweets [at] Cake Wrecks [dot] com.

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