The Frogs Talk Back

Recently here on CW I took aim at frog cakes, which I might have insinuated are all slimy hell beasts of Wreckage. A few of you took issue with this. So, here to defend their good name are some more frog cakes.

Take it away, guys!

"Well, Jen, as you can see we're extremely well-rounded."

"And we always put our best feet forward."

"In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a frog cake that was too dimensional.
(And if you did, I'd be crushed.)"

"Never mind all that, though: The eyes have it, dahlings."

Uh huh. I see.

Well, frankly, guys, I think you're just making my point for me. But wait - what's this? Dribbles has prepared a short statement summarizing why frog cakes are awesome? Ok, then. Preach it, Dribbles.

"Thowwy, I can't wewwy tok wight now. Ma tongue is bwoke."

Aw, what a shame. Well, slimy hell beasts you remain, frog cakes. Sorry.

Thanks to today's hip-hop artists Wesley T., Jen C., Erin R., Tim W., & Andrea L.

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