Columbus Day!

Many years ago, some guy somewhere decided that Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving should be on the same day. Did this guy take into account that this might be terribly inconvenient for future cake blogs? Of course not. However, since we did Canadian Thanksgiving cakes last year, I figured we'd do Columbus Day cakes this year. After all, we don't want to offend our Colombian readers.

Right then.
Bring on the Columbus Day cakes!

[furiously flipping through 17,000 cakes]
[pursing lips]
[steepling fingers]
[sighing resignedly]

Right then.
Bring on the Canadian Thanksgiving cakes!

Okay, that's weird. This one looks a lot like poo.


Huh. So does this one.


I'm definitely seeing a trend here.


In fact, if I didn't know better...

And so, in conclusion: all turkey cakes look like poo.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada.


 Also, in the words of the famous Canadian actor, Jeff Goldblum*:

"Heeeelp meeeee!" [bzzzt bzzzt]


*Citation needed.

Thanks to Melissa R., Courtney B., Monica P.,  Aaron, Elaine M., Katey S., Kelli E., Marcy P., Paula W., and Vicky J. for letting us see a turkey fly.