Happy Canada Day!

Every day here in Florida, I step out of my house and immediately burst into a flop sweat. (This is john (the hubby of Jen) btw. Jen doesn't flop sweat, she flop glistens.) And as I stand there, shoes melting to the asphalt, freckled skin sizzling, I wonder for the umpteenth time why I haven't moved to Canada.

And speaking of Canada... [Look, it's just too hot for clever segues.]

Today is Canada Day! So in honor of this, my future national holiday, I present to you:

The 5 Worst Canadian Flag Cakes Followed By A Misspelling!

This is the Canadian flag:

So symmetrical. So lovely.




Just a little melty along the edges.
(Kinda like how I feel.)


Now, this. This is...



Maybe it would look better in fondant?



Is it me or does this remind anyone else of Richard Nixon?

"I am [shaking jowls] not a cake!"


And this is obviously The Majestic Canada Bush®

Or maybe a red cat in a wind tunnel. One of the two.


And now, the only misspelling of Canada I have in 21,000 cakes:

Still not as bad as SUA.


Let me leave you with the most amazing pastry I've ever eaten and the reason that I literally gained 8 pounds in 3 days while in Ottawa:

And I would totally do it again.

Happy Canada Day!


Thanks to Jim P., Julie J., Megan W., Michaelle P., Nicole K., Shaunna, and Brian B. for bearing with me today. This'll teach Jen not to get sick, forcing me to write a post at 2 in the morning.