TaTa Tragedies

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, bakers, which means this is your last week to slap pink icing ribbons on everything and guilt your customers into buying last month's leftover cookies:

Pro Tip: When licking icing off your display cookies, try to be more thorough. Otherwise people might start asking questions.


It also means that every October birthday is no longer just a birthday:

It's a "Flappy Beiast Awaranistsy" Birthday!


Plus, what better time is there to break out the ol' "Ring o' Stomachs" icing border?

NO TIME, that's when.


Of course, since even the simple ribbon loop is beyond many bakers' skill set, you might want to cheat a bit by using candy molds:

Pro Tip: these also work great for bachelorette parties.


Or maybe stick to a single ribbon and just one misspelled word:

G, I admire your restraint.


Or how about a simple, inspiring inscription? You know, something about hope, and strength, and working towards a cure?

Or a confusingly depressing sentiment that makes less and less sense the more you think about it?

Because when I remember a painful loss, the first thing I want to do - I mean, AFTER celebrating the fact that I just remembered my painful loss - is eat a giant cookie cake.


Tell you what, bakers, maybe we should just go back to the ribbons.



Thanks to Sarah A., Gia E., Crystal A., Jen P., Anony M., Michelle T., & Leslie P. for keeping us abreast of the situation. TTFN, ladies!

And we'll see you tonight, Hartford!