Whirled Series

And now your Sports History Minute, brought to you by Cake Wrecks. Because they know soooo much about sports.

On this day in the year 1900, St. Louis chose a new name for its baseball team: the St. Louis Cardinals. This was a vast improvement over their last name, the St. Louis Perfectos, which I am totally not making up.

Little did the St. Louisianites know that "Cardinals" was nearly impossible for most bakers to spell.

Who ya gonna call?


(see what I did there?)


Also, it was soon discovered that their mascot, Fredbird the Cardinal (still not making this up), was nearly impossible to draw:

Although he does kind of look like a Fredbird.

(And that's a bird you cannot change!)


Skip forward 111 years to the day when, by a stroke of luck, squirrel-about-town Irving* happened to dash across the home plate during the pitch at a Cardinals game. When the Cardinals then won the game, it was decided that Irving should be their new, unofficial mascot!

Because that makes total sense.

*May not be his real name.

Everyone was thrilled, with the possible exception of Irving, who is a squirrel and therefore couldn't possibly give a rodent's posterior about the whole thing.


Most excited were the bakers, because now they could stop trying to draw cardinals!

And draw little red gumball machines on slightly demented "squirrels," instead!


They also shortened the impossible-to-spell "Cardinals" to "Cards," because "Cards" is much more squirrelly.


But most importantly, bakers were able to break out their favorite #2 tips and brown icing and finally squeeze out a mascot St. Louis could be proud of:

See? Totally killed it.

Plus, I think even Fredbird would agree that flaming/bloody tail is a vast "impoovment."


Thanks to Steve J., Diana W., Robin D., Hawaii B., M+G., and Hannah M. who tell me that's a cake only a Texas Ranger could love.