Thanksgiving Leftovers

Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit that some leftovers are better than others. In fact, you might wonder why these poor Thanksgiving cakes got passed over for Turkey day:


Ok, maybe they just passed. [bah dum BUM]


I am shocked - SHOCKED - that the Butterball Butterflies didn't simply FLY off shelves this year:

"The Butterball Butterfly: 'Cuz you've never seen a Turkey Fly."


Most bakeries went with the tried and true "Happy Thanksgiving" last week, but some took a little more "artistic license:"

"And lo, they laid the baby glow worm in a manger, and saideth, 'Thanks AND Giving' Lo. Cometh hath. And sucheth."


And now that you're feeling extra thankful, here to drive the point home is a confused turkey being flame broiled:

I call it, "View Through An Oven Window."

(I'd like to point out that the turkey and text up there are a printed edible image, and the flames and question marks were added by the baker - presumably because the baker REALLY hates turkeys.)


Which leads us to the always-popular blackened turkey:



Uh, guys? Is this next one really a turkey? Cuz I'm getting more of a goat...[eying kids in the room]...ish vibe here:

Call me cheeky, butt the temptation to crack a Rear Window joke is suddenly overwhelming.


Thanks to Anony M., Beckey, Andrew & Hannah, Laura H., Krista L., & Deborah B., who'd like to remind us that leftover turkey is a dish best served cold. And it is very cold...IN SPACE.