Mom Gets the Last Word

There are so many ways to tell your mom what she means to you.

And after yesterday, now we know all the wrong ones.

"Of all the moms out there, you are definitely one of them."

Oh, sorry, did you want a number sign?

Nooo problem.

Yep, whether it was a misspelling...


... a "buy-a-vowel" special...

"I think I'll spin again, Pat."

...or even a biologically inaccurate euphemism...

Hush, Dad. Today Mom gets all the credit.

...our bakeries really plumbed the depths of mother's day messes this year.

In fact, I have lots more where those came from. So brace yourselves, wreckies:

'Cuz Mothday Day is just getting started over here. Woot woot!

Thanks to Beth I., Jeanie P., Misty Y., Allison C., Mollie B., & Alyssa H. for finding Mom's very own Falker Satherhood.